Self Performance

Gideon self performs several trades to allow for better control over schedule, quality, and pricing, thus providing a better value for our customers. We have experienced crews readily available to execute in demolition, carpentry, framing, finishes, concrete, civil construction, and welding.

General Construction

Gideon is an experienced general contractor for the US federal government, executing projects for agencies across the US and abroad. We have well established and extensive subcontractor relationships and highly skilled and trained project management teams.


We believe that collaborative building methods are the future. To accommodate for this growing trend, Gideon has a design team in house with licensed architects and P.E.’s who are able to scope, design, draft, sign and seal plans in multiple states.

Fuels Systems

Gideon services the Air Force, the Defense Logistics Agency, and other customers in the design, inspection, maintenance, repair, demolition, and construction of fuels systems tanks, pipelines, cathodic protection, pumps, and controls.