Gideon USA is a small badass construction company that works mostly on really cool military and government projects, helping our armed services achieve its missions.  We’ve been in business for over 14 years, so have learned a lot in that time, lots of ups and downs, lessons learned, and growing pains, but we always come out the other side stronger and better.  We makes mistakes and aren’t perfect, but we have an amazing group of employees who are always dedicated to being better and badder.  Our goal is to slay every project we are on, have fun while doing it, and being the envy of our industry sector.

Even though we are a spread out group of folks, we consider ourselves family, but in a work kind of way.  We are unique, special and have a strong internal culture that doesn’t jive with everyone, and that’s totally ok!  We don’t try to be everything to everyone!  Gideon USA is always looking for great people with engaging personalities and a passion for helping others build things.  If you have the stuff, we’ll know.  We will train someone who is the right fit for the family.

Company Mission 

Our company mission is to be the best, small badass federal construction company out there.


We have very important core values:
Self-Motivated – no babysitting here!  We have people everywhere.  If we have to micromanage your time, this isn’t the place for you!
Whatever it takes – everyone’s got to do what it takes to get it done.  Trailer needs sweeping?  Grab a broom!
Spongy –  been there done that?  Keep doin’ it somewhere else, just not here!  We learn and keep learning. We experiment and try new things all the time, some stick and some don’t, but it’s the excitement to learn and be better that counts.
Ownership – take responsibility for what you and your team does and says.  Building a customer’s project like it’s your own house.