Learning and Growth – In the spirit of Lean construction, we always strive to learn and to grow in our journey

Internal Processes – Gideon runs LEAN and MEAN.  We implement Lean methodologies on our job sites and in our culture.  We always strive to eliminate waste.

Safety and Health – Gideon USA has a safety record to be proud of.  Our job sites are amongst the safest and cleanest you’ll ever see.  We also believe in the health and happiness of our people.  Our benefits programs and employee engagement programs reflect this core part of our culture.

Financial Earnings – Through the implementation of our values system of learning, eliminating waste, and promoting a safe and healthy workforce, our projects will continue to be profitable and we will continue to reinvest these resources in our great company and its people.


Gideon USA began in 2005 as a civil commercial contractor. In 2008, with the economic recession, we shifted focus to general construction and pursued the federal government as a customer, staying true to our origins as a self performing subcontractor. Although the company has grown rapidly, we have done so in a controlled manner, keeping our budgets tight and our expectations high, never forgetting the humble roots from which we came. We believe that these experiences and values will enable Gideon USA to weather economic cycles and continue our growth trajectory.

Advantages of working with Gideon:

  • LEAN Construction practices permeate our every move from the office to the trades on the jobs.  We always strive to eliminate waste, learn and grow each day, and become better in our Lean journey.
  • Self Performance of various trades including Carpentry, Concrete, and Mechanical systems allows us to better control our quality, schedule, and costs, preventing delays and cost overruns.
  • Proven past performance with federal government agencies, with excellent CCASS and CPARS ratings.
  • Pristine Safety Record with no claims on our workers comp in the history of the company and no recordable lost time incidences.
  • Varied contracting vehicles including participation in IDIQ, JOC, MATOC and MACC contracts across the US and abroad as well as the ability to pursue 8(a), HubZone, woman owned, and small business set asides and sole source contracts.
  • In House Design and Engineering Capabilities to better manage and facilitate the design-build process with our team of licensed architects and P.E.’s.
  • Efficient estimating that ensures our customers get the best value up front. We are proficient in RS Means estimating, design-build budgeting and negotiated contracts.
  • Minimal change orders is our policy. Unless there are extenuating and unforeseen circumstances, we do our best to proceed in a collaborative approach with our customers. We never use change orders as a way to make our project budget.