Naval Base Coronado SCIF

The NAS Coronado SCIF Facility is a Firm Fixed Price standalone design-build project at Naval Base Coronado, CA. Gideon USA was Prime Contractor. Gideon and our A/E partners designed and constructed a SCIF room which entailed the demolition and reconstruction of an existing 3,000 SF space and installation of STC 50 walls and doors, access control, IDS, and hardened walls.  The project also includes mechanical and electrical infrastructure to support equipment for the Fleet Readiness Command. At separate site at NAS Coronado, under the same contract, a hangar building was converted to comply with SECNAV standards for Secure Room Open Storage Areas.  Work at the hangar also included perimeter fencing, access control, IDS, and securing of all perimeter walls.

United States Navy - Naval Facilities and Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Southwest
Naval Base Coronado, CA


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